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demo questions physiology

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Which of the following is incorrect about gastrin?

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One spermatogonia during the process of spermatogenesis produces sixteen spermatids.

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In fatigue, the muscle is in a state of physiological inability to contract

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Neutrophils are about ---% of the total WBC count

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PEF (peak expired flow rate) of 250 liters/minute

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Renin is involved in controlling blood pressure, in sympathetic response

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When fluid flow through the distal tubule increases as a result of increased GFR, the macula densa cells send a chemical message to the neighboring afferent arteriole. The afferent arteriole constricts, increasing resistance and decreasing GFR. This type of autoregulation involving both the kidney tubule and the arteriole is known as tubuloglomerular feedback

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The anterior pituitary is the true endocrine gland of epithelial origin

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